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Information References 42 Citations 1 Files Plots. Update these references. Cao, B. B Chow, P. Chow, S-C Chu, D. Glickenstein, C. Guenther, J. Isenberg, T. Ivey, D. Knopf, P. Lu, F. Yu, X. Yin, W. Han, J.

Scalable routing in 3D high genus sensor networks using graph embedding - Wang, J. Shi, X. Yin, X. Yau et al. They far exceed the established standards for Fields Medals. What do CLN mean?

Does it really apply? Well, here is what they say:. CLN go on to provide two useful Leitfadenen , which is to say, an over-all structure of the book and a two-semester course out-line. The corresponding graduate course would be pretty dense. This is pretty austere stuff: already on p. What about the latter pages, then? Later Shi generalized the short-time existence result to complete manifolds of bounded curvature. A fundamental problem in Ricci flow is to understand all the possible geometries of singularities.

Hamilton’s Ricci Flow

When successful, this can lead to insights into the topology of manifolds. For instance, analyzing the geometry of singular regions that may develop in 3d Ricci flow, is the crucial ingredient in Perelman's proof the Poincare and Geometrization Conjectures.

To study the formation of singularities it is useful, as in the study of other non-linear differential equations, to consider blow-ups limits. Intuitively speaking, one zooms into the singular region of the Ricci flow by rescaling time and space. Singularity models are ancient Ricci flows, i. Understanding the possible singularity models in Ricci flow is an active research endeavor.

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Then one considers the parabolically rescaled metrics. In the case that. Otherwise the singularity is of Type II. It is known that the blow-up limits of Type I singularities are gradient shrinking Ricci solitons. In 3d the possible blow-up limits of Ricci flow singularities are well-understood. By Hamilton, Perelman and recent work by Brendle, blowing up at points of maximum curvature leads to one of the following three singularity models:.

The first two singularity models arise from Type I singularities, whereas the last one arises from a Type II singularity.

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In four dimensions very little is known about the possible singularities, other than that the possibilities are far more numerous than in three dimensions. To date the following singularity models are known. Note that the first three examples are generalizations of 3d singularity models. The FIK shrinker models the collapse of an embedded sphere with self-intersection number To see why the evolution equation defining the Ricci flow is indeed a kind of nonlinear diffusion equation, we can consider the special case of real two-manifolds in more detail.

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Any metric tensor on a two-manifold can be written with respect to an exponential isothermal coordinate chart in the form. These coordinates provide an example of a conformal coordinate chart, because angles, but not distances, are correctly represented. Take the coframe field. That is,.

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To compute the curvature tensor, we take the exterior derivative of the covector fields making up our coframe:. From these expressions, we can read off the only independent Spin connection one-form. Take another exterior derivative.

Hamilton's Ricci Flow

This is manifestly analogous to the best known of all diffusion equations, the heat equation. The reader may object that the heat equation is of course a linear partial differential equation —where is the promised nonlinearity in the p.

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  • The answer is that nonlinearity enters because the Laplace-Beltrami operator depends upon the same function p which we used to define the metric.